Black Truffle Country Wool

One day in the hills of Umbria…


I was strolling these lands where black truffles grow in abundance, grazing my flock of sheep in the meadows covered with wildflowers, surrounded by forest-laden mountains and a tiny, ancient village in the plateau below. This is not just a way of life but a centuries’ old habit.

We believe every garment made with our wool holds this story, of people and places, of the four seasons and a perseverance bordering on the unhinged.

Tradition & Heritage

I happened to meet my cousin the truffle hunter on his daily rounds, and we sat in the shade of an ancient beech tree. He emptied his pockets of the morning’s truffles putting them on the grass next to him. As we chatted the sheep grazed all around us, with one lucky sheep eating the truffles on the ground without us noticing. Two age-old trades, shepherd and truffle hunter, perfectly and intangibly connected.


Setting off again, the big white dogs spread out around the flock as we entered the forest. Their only job is to keep the sheep safe from the Apennine wolves. The sheep, the dogs and the wolves share centuries of history, and this archaic toil is what it takes to grow this kind of wool.


I called to my sheep and they followed me faithfully – they would eat from my hand. We wandered down into the village, passing the old stone walls of the houses. I know every nook and cranny of these buildings. Everything here is traceable, sustainable, and all of us here know it intimately. I can tell you exactly where this wool comes from and what it takes to grow it.

I stopped to drink at the village fountain. I nodded a greeting to an elderly lady relative hanging some tomatoes out to dry. She knows a thing or two about quality wool, too. She spent many hours cleaning and spinning the wool to be used by the family. Now, the cleaning, combing, spinning and dyeing process is carried out by our partners in the Piedmontese city of Biella, a place world-renowned for excellence in wool processing.


This is Italian wool actually from Italy. And like all the best things from Italy it has style, elegance and spirit. It bears culture, history and tradition. Unlike us not everyone treats sheep like part of the family, but let our sheep make you feel part of ours.